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Errorsmith - Errorsmith #1 (2000)

Alongside the excellent Soundhack, Errorsmith is one half of Smith 'N Hack. His first 12" sounds a bit like what might happen if Pan Sonic had Tourette's syndrome - raw, noisy electronics with complex, disjointed rhythms.

Errorsmith - Errorsmith #1
A1 - Untitled
A2 - Untitled
A3 - Untitled
A4 - Untitled
B1 - Untitled
B2 - Untitled
B3 - Untitled
B4 - Untitled
B5 - Untitled


  1. Hell yeah thanks for this one, I don't have it !

    Good blog, slowly building database of quality music. I already have the Erosion on vinyl but good thing you uploaded it, it's a kickass record...

    R. (TSL)

  2. Thanks for the encouragement, TSL. I've got plenty of other releases that I'm planning on ripping for the blog - more 90's-era Voigt brothers experiments, which I know you're into, etc. My selection is rather limited, but if you have any requests I'll see what I can do.

  3. Hi all of the music on here is fantastic. I already have this errorsmith record, but havent been able to find #2 or near disco dawn if you have either of those could please upload? I couldnt find any contact info so i thought i would ask here

  4. Unfortunately I don't have any Errorsmith besides this. I've made some offers on Discogs for the other records, but unfortunately they got declined. It's tough to find his material in the U.S. - go figure! At any rate, I will keep looking.

  5. In the meantime, I've been listening to "Near Disco Dawn" on Beatport - so intense!

  6. Hello.
    Please can you reupload this EP?

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