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Erosion - 1/2/3 (1997)

Following this post of Torsten "T++" Pröfrock's Resilent 12" on the Chain Reaction label (courtesy of The Shore Lark), I thought I'd share another hard-to-find Chain Reaction gem from Pröfrock, a.k.a. Erosion. The producer also operates a label of the same name, which has released some of his best output as T++. Some of the material from this 12" is also available on the excellent Decay Product CD.

Erosion - 1/2/3
A1: 1
B1: 2
B2: 3


  1. This is fucking ridiculous. Nice one!

  2. You'd probably really dig his Traktor material also - really skeletal, driving rhythms. Gonna do a rip of the Traktor 3000 12" ASAP.

  3. Just upped his album on DIN, after your request... ;)