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An ephemeral and purposely aimless mix for interstitial moments in life. A few unquantized blends thrown in to give the impression of authenticity (just kidding, this one is all vinyl)

Elliptic - Transitions, 12 April 2010
Omar-S - "J-A-I-P-U-R" [FXHE 111]
Excepter - "Knock Knock" [Alternation, Fusetron]
Tin Man - "Remain Stream" [Wasteland, Global A]
154 - "Themurderpeople" [Strike, Delsin]
Actress - "Hubble" [Thriller 002]
Shake - "Indagoo" [Levitate Venice, Morphine]
Radian - "Shift" [Juxtaposition, Thrill Jockey]

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  1. diggin' it, great use of Excepter