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Elliptic - Brooklyn, 8/5/2009

Here's a mix I recorded at my friend Nick's apartment in Greenpoint last month. The mixing could be a little more polished at times, but the tracks are some of my favorites, so I've been enjoying it anyways. These jams have all been getting steady rotation this summer!

Elliptic - Brooklyn, 8/5/2009

1: Omar-S - "Still Serious Nic"
2: Reade Truth - "Another Dilemma"
3: Moritz von Oswald Trio - "Pattern 1"
4: Move D - "Drøne"
5: Erosion - "2"
6: Levon Vincent - "Woman is the Devil"
7: The Modernist - "Face Working (Freiland Remix)"
8: Hieroglyphic Being - "Residue"
9: Traktor - "Traktor V12"
10: Pentax - "Stoff"
11: Redshape - "8"


  1. nice tracklist. i haven't listened yet but will.

    also i just sold you a couple records on discogs, which is how i found your blog.

    do you read ISM regularly?

  2. Yeah, I've been following ISM ever since I came across your interview with Omar-S a couple years back. You guys have turned me on to some great stuff. (Juju & Jordash, etc. etc.)

    What's your handle on Discogs? I'm sure we'll do business again soon enough.

    Thanks for checking out the mix and commenting!