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I'm not going to post full rips of Omar-S releases, in part because many of them have been posted elsewhere, but primarily because they're almost all available directly from Alex Smith himself -- and there's really no reason not to shell out $5 per 12" for some of the best productions around. However, I feel compelled to share a recent highlight from the second installation of his Side Trakz series. Also, if you ever have the chance to catch him live behind the decks, I strongly advise doing so. His recent set at Sunday Best was one of the highlights of their excellent series this summer.

Omar-S - "Leaveluck to Heaven"


  1. For real. Be sure to check out the full Infinitestatemachine interview at if you haven't already.

  2. speak the truth!
    ancient methods ripp?
    my turntables are fucked.
    no sound:((((((