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Jody "Fingers" Finch - Jack Your Big Booty (1987)

Several weeks ago I was browsing the ever-reliable shelves of the Port Chester Salvation Army, and I came across a nondescript-looking 12" on Tenya Records titled "Jack Your Big Booty." My interest was piqued, but I had no cash, so I left sans vinyl. Fast forward two days - I'm sitting at my laptop groggily reading this post at Infinitestatemachine, whereupon I discover that I had passed up a rare and notorious proto-ghetto-house banger that once graced the decks of none other than Ron Hardy. Needless to say, I jumped in my car, drove to the Salvo, and searched through every Barbara Streisand record on the shelves 'til I found it again. This one doesn't bear the Low Down Len signature Sharpie, but it's almost certainly from the LDL collection. Not a bad investment for $1. This release will be getting a long-overdue reissue this year on Let's Pet Puppies, featuring a new Derrick Carter remix.

Here's a vinyl rip. It's a 20-year-old record that was on a thrift store shelf without a cover - and it sounds like it. Don't mind the surface noise, just do what the song says.

Jody "Fingers" Finch - Jack Your Big Booty
A1 - Revenge of the Booty
B1 - Jack Your Big Booty

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  1. holy shit! nice... very nice. wish i could hit up that salvation army!!