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Clarence G - Hyperspace Sound Lab (1991)

Long out of print and highly coveted, Hyperspace Sound Lab is the first release that the late James Stinson committed to wax back in 1991 before his days as a Drexciyan wavejumper. Managed to track down a vinyl rip and thought I ought to share it. Save yourself some serious cash and settle for the MP3s...

Clarence G - Hyperspace Sound Lab
A1 - Clarence G's Club
A2 - Turbine
B1 - Cause I Said It Right
B2 - Data Transfer


  1. Word, Jeremy - have you heard "Balance of Terror" by L.A.M. (Life After Mutation) yet? It's the first record that James Stinson and Gerald Donald of Drexciya released together in '92.

    You can get it in this multi-album pack of awesome vinyl rips from Robert Hood's Hardwax label: